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About Me

Graduate of Western Illinois University, Intern, Destination Marketing and Sales, Interim President, Past President of the Macomb Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Director of Sales - Hilton Hotels, National Sales Manager for Marriott International, and finally Brand Ambassador -Sales Consultant.


It all started twenty three years ago in my local town volunteering at the Champaign Park District, and I was an active middle school and high school student in the Principal Scholars programs.


I spent every Saturday morning and all of my summers training to become a successful leader. The skills that I learned and developed has opened countless doors of opportunities.


I was offered a position as Destination and Sales Marketer. Through my hard work, business acumen, dedication, and superior people skills I was promoted to President within two years. After seven years in Macomb, my family and I  excitedly transitioned from small town Illinois, to the lovely sunshine state to continue my career in the hospitality industry.  Working as a National Sales Manger,  I have exceeded my goals, and landed the largest contract for my corporation. 


In the past twelve years I have fine tuned my  skills as a business leader by building relationships with clients and asking for the sale. With a joyful passion, wise execution and a relatable spirit, I've embarked on a journey to lend my expertise to businesses to enhance their sales approach, marketing plan, brand approach, and consumer experience and engagement. 


"There is nothing that brings my heart joy more than connecting with people. I love uniting with a companies vision and developing unique sales strategies to build brand awareness. It is what I was created to do."

- Tamara Parker, Founder & CEO of With Visions

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